Inventors and patent holders

Inventors and patent holders

energy patents partners with inventors and patent holders and represents their interests in all areas relevant to the commercial exploitation of their inventions and patents. The inventor or rights holder retains ownership of its patent rights at all times and - if it wants to - plays a leading role in the continued development and introduction of the technology to the market.

energy patents provides the following services in the context of licensing:

  • Creation of professional marketing documents for your technology
  • Selection of appropriate potential licensees and presents your technology to them
  • Negotiation of license agreements with licensees with maximum security and confidentiality for you
  • Negotiation of license fees and down payments from licensees to you
  • Professional billing of license fees to licensees with corresponding reporting to you
  • Regular verification by independent auditors of compliance with the terms of the license by licensees

In addition to the services listed above and depending on the technology, energy patents can also pay future application/maintenance costs for patents or assist in the construction of prototypes.

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