Industrial partners and licensees

Industrial partners and licensees

At energy patents, industrial partners and licensees will find technologies that have been professionally evaluated, are of excellent quality and can be put to practical use quickly. energy patents also provides each technology with a customized business model so that nothing stands in the way of a rapid market introduction.

The graduated energy patents license model, in contrast to other patent licensing companies, gives potential licensees a risk-free opportunity to become familiar with the technologies offered without requiring a significant investment. Only if the licensed technology is used or put into production are additional license payments due, depending on the volume produced. energy patents ensures that potential licensees are not buying a pig in a poke or unnecessarily tying up capital in the acquisition of patents.

The acquisition of licenses conserves financial and human resources in Research and Development, minimizes the risk of dead-end development and significantly cuts the time to market entry. It therefore offers a clear competitive advantage for your company.

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